Friday, March 14, 2008

Wild Turkeys and Questions of Sacrifice

I just saw some of these wild turkeys in my yard. I didn't just see them. I was in my bedroom with Sangita and the dog and we heard a huge thud at the window. After the requisite, "what was THAT?" we looked out and saw an enormous bird walking along the top of the fence that separates us from the neighbor in the back. Not knowing what it was, we googled it. A Wild Turkey. We watched it walk along the fence, jump down to our outdoor cooktop, walk along that, knock over one of the patio chairs, and fly away. It came back in the front yard and then the neighbor's yard a few moments later with a friend. Yes, 2 wild turkeys just hanging out on Lyman Road.

Of course, we automatically knew that these turkeys were trying to send us a message. When we looked up their meaning according to native american animal medicine cards, we discovered that turkeys are the ultimate sign of sacrifice. They give their lives so that the rest of us can live. It is all about not taking more than you need and focusing your life around the gifts that you can bring so that others will also have what they need. This blows my mind. Especially because this is the second time I have seen these birds in the last 2 weeks. I saw a herd (maybe 5-6) of them crossing the street in Walnut Creek a couple of weeks ago. Not only were they crossing the street, they were crossing the street that I was driving on and caused a brief traffic stop that made me say "what is going on up there?! I'm going to be late for my meeting!"

These turkeys want me to stop trying to get to meetings and pay attention to where I am using and sharing my energy in this world. These birds both fascinate me and scare me to death. Like, life, I guess. It makes me question what I can really give to people. I feel like I am holding back what I am really able to give. And I have some ideas about what that is, but it is fascinating and terrifying to explore it further. But the turkey is talking to me now. So, I guess I have to listen.